Hold on to your Sombreros!, the Pug Party in Santa Barbara is back ~ Saturday, July 19th 1-4:00 !



The Pug Party in Santa Barbara has returned, “Pugarita Style”! at the beautiful Estate of Kathryn Phillips on the Riviera
Saturday, July 19th 1:00-4:00

1809 Mira Vista, Santa Barbara

Hold on to your sombreros for an afternoon of amazing music by recording artists “Vincent & Vedant” (meet Vincent’s pug, Romeo) Made to order mexican food by Rasta Taco with all the fixings, Refreshing Margaritas, Corona’s, Churros and of course ~ the pug fiesta! Costume Contest for most macho pug~senior and most bonita~seniortia! Raffle Prizes throughout the day. * All included in the admission and 100% of the proceeds benefits Central Coast Pug Rescue (formerly “Pug Rescue of Santa Barbara”)

For Tickets and Info, Visit : www.pugaritaville.eventbrite.com


Pugs and socially friendly kids and dogs welcome!
* Please bring a picnic blanket, beach chairs and don’t forget your sun hat! *

The Kern County Trio..

These innocents were dropped off at Kern County Shelter as “strays”… There is no 5 day stray hold for these babies, only on to the loving arms of our rescue. (We highly doubt they were found wandering the streets, but if so – we are glad they made a break for it!!) We feel blessed the are now in our care, what a gift. There are two Kern Threeboys and a very tiny female weighing, 4 lbs. Severely malnourished along with their horrible case of mange. Our vet estimates them to be around 3 months old. We are calling the little girl – Willow, the Fawn Boy – Sebastian and the Black Boy – Xander.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for our little rescue, with Ozzy and his injured eye, Decker loosing a leg and Betty needing hip surgery… We have never and will never decline a pug because of a medical condition or age. If you would like to join our mission to give these sweet pugs a second chance at life and love, Let us know! You can donate by following by clicking the DONATE button on the left side of our page. Have time to give to spare?, we need Fosters and Volunteers. Join our team and make a difference.

2nd Annual “YARD SALE” ~ May 10th

PugSale_R1bPug Hugs to our amazing volunteers that sacraficed their Saturday Morning to host a Yard Sale Benefit for Pugs:) Santa Cruz came out ahead this year by the fur of their curly tails with a whopping $629 !! Oceano pulled in for the pugs $614 , Carpinteria raised $364 and Bakersfield raised $164 … Drum roll…. Grand Total $$1771.00  ~~ What a great day for PUGS!

Think if we had 10 participating locations… the $$ we could raise to help pay for the medical care of the pugs we save AND getting rid of much needed ____ at the same time! Not Bad!

If you would like to host a YARD SALE next year and you live between Camarillo to Santa Cruz or the Valley areas between Fresno and Bakersfield – Let Us Know :) Email: Deby@helppugs.com


Goodbye to a beloved pair, “Buddy & Guy”

Buddy and Guy for Website

We say farewell to our beloved friends, “Buddy & Guy” These two gents came into our care back in the summer of 2010. Buddy crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 23, 2013 an Old Guy has joined his dear friend, “Buddy” once again, over the Rainbow Bridge. He is buried in our backyard along with Buddy’s ashes and they are growing a tree.

Writing this, I cannot help but think about the enormous impact these two curmudgeons have had on my life and the people they have touched because of their story. I will be ever grateful to these two old pug angels for extending their paws to so many people that are now dear friends. Kate Anber, Lisa Smith and the late, great Gena Austin are just a few of the very special friendships I have made and cherish because of Buddy and Guy.

Some of you may remember Buddy and Guy as a courtesy listing on Pug Rescue of San Diego’s Website. At that time, CCPR did not exist. After a few short weeks, we knew it would have to take a very special person to pry these two out of our arms. In May of 2011, Buddy and Guy attended Central Coast Pug Rescue’s first public event at invitation to PRSD’s, May Party and the dynamic duo were representing in their own wagon. If you were lucky to meet them, you got a sticker that said “ I met Buddy and Guy!”

Buddy and Guy are the true mascots of Central Coast Pug Rescue. They were the driving force behind the beginning of Central Coast Pug Rescue back in March of 2011. This month marks our third year in rescue. We have rescued and rehomed over 300 pugs since that time. A long term goal for our organization is to have our own facility / pug retirement home where we will celebrate their memory. Those of us in rescue know the challenge to find forever homes for the senior and special needs pugs. But we also know, how very special these pugs are and the unique way they crawl into your heart.

Join me in sending Buddy and Guy a loving Pug Hug for opening the door to so many pugs that have followed them into the loving embrace of Central Coast Pug Rescue.

Deborah Hansen (Executive Director)

Goodbye to another pug angel…


Forever in our hearts sweet Annie…

Annie came into our care , a very sick little girl. She suffered from a massive bladder stone that had been left in her body for too long.  She originated from Sunnyvale, in Northern California.  She was not responding to fluids, antibiotics after 3 days in an ER in Capitola. Again, like Duke from last week – her tired, sick body was fighting something more (besides the huge bladder stone)

She was not dealt a loving hand in life, having been left behind at a doggy hotel in northern california and shuffled from home to home after that. It was apparent, Annie did not receive proper care, her nails were overgrown into the pads of her feet. Again, had she been taken to the dogtor at the first sign of illness, she would have stood a chance.

Our organization is small but our hearts are big… and made bigger with the support of our loving, caring supporters. We want to extend a pug hug for your loving comments and prayers. Little Orphan Annie is an orphan no more, but running free and at peace Pug Hugs


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Photography by : Julie Ann Cromer Nature's Photographer